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People always talk about making changes. We try to break old habits, and we try to develop new ones.

Maybe we've even succeeded in making some changes at some level.

But then, tragedy strikes. #sadface

Just as we begin to triumphantly celebrate our success, that nagging little voice comes back and begins to sow the seeds of failure in our fragile minds.

It ruins us.

So we return to our quiet lives of suffering, believing that this little voice is right, and that we are destined to always want or seek things that we can’t keep.

But why?  Why do we feel that we aren’t good enough to deserve the life we truly want?
Why do we feel such shakiness within our minds?
Why are some people able to change themselves and find happiness, success, and personal strength while the rest of us seem stuck watching from the sidelines?

Why Do We Suffer?

The most common response is that it comes down to a lack of desire.  As if to say, the people who experience lasting success, happiness, and/or inner peace simply WANT it more than everyone else.

I don’t buy that for one second.

After 20 years of research, over 12 years of personal application, and over 5 years of training others, I can say positively that “Lack of Desire” is NOT the reason people end up feeling tormented every night.

Lack of desire is not the reason that we sometimes wish we were somebody else.
It is not the reason that we feel trapped within our minds on a daily basis.
It's also not the reason that we constantly feel that we are not measuring up to our own potential.

You see, there are billions of people upon this planet, and only a handful of them are living a congruent life; that is, a life that measures up in every way to the hopes and dreams of the person living it.

If you are currently living the life of your dreams, then please feel free to click away.  Go ahead.  There won’t be anything new for you to learn here.

For everyone else, you will find this page very useful.  So if you are sick and tired of feeling that your own mind is not working with you, OR if you feel that you have been wasting potential, OR if you feel that you have yet to manifest the life that you really want, then let’s continue.

The Struggle Begins

We all have parents. The way we act around our parents is remarkably different from the way that we act around our friends.  And the way that we act around our friends is different from the way we act around our coworkers.  Ditto for how we act around our spouses, children, and so forth.

These people all represent important things to us, and vice versa.  However, in the process of ‘wanting what’s best’ for each other, we begin to project our own desires, goals, and ambitions onto others, and they to us.  In a very real way, however intangible, we have basically placed each other under arrest.

We have arrested the unbridled potential of one another with our own projections, expectations, hopes, and fears.  Pretty soon, advice becomes an actual vice; gripping and holding us in place.  Our struggle then is between two warring factions in our minds:

Who Am I vs. Who Am I Expected To Be

When we think, we do so with an inner mental voice.  This ‘inner narrator’ is responsible for carrying our personal torch forward into our own life.  But as we experience the projected expectations of other people, even though they may just be trying to ‘look out’ for us, that inner narrator changes it’s tone.

It begins to work against us instead of for us.  Suddenly, that inner narrator begins to sound like the voice of someone else, convincing us to abandon our dreams and “settle,” or it talks us OUT of things instead of IN to them.

In a very real way, our minds are not our own.  This is the source of our fears, anxieties, frustrations, and doubts.

Even Jesus had to deal with this struggle somewhat.  Have you ever heard the story of Jesus turning water into wine?  He does so, but only after being coaxed into it by his mother.  And even then, he tries to resist and tell her NO.  But in the end, her influence over him wins out and he begrudgingly works his first miracle as a party favor.

Why though?  Why are we humans so prone to the influence of others?  

Enter Abraham Maslow and His Hierarchy of Needs

This simple 5-layered triangle is the road map for human evolution. We humans have been spending the past X thousand years moving up the levels.

For the more developed countries of the world, we have done reasonably well at handling the basic human needs represented at the bottom of the pyramid.  Levels 3 and 4, however, are where we tend to get stuck.  Both the need for belonging and the need for esteem are referred to collectively as “Community Needs.”

Those community needs represent the “Expectations of Others”.  Our survival as a species has depended largely upon our ability to ‘fit in’ to the tribe.  It’s ingrained in us.  In order to begin living our own perfect life, we need to address all of the ways that we have fallen under the control of others.

So far, so good, right?   Well, here comes:

The Rest Of The Problem

In the last 20 years, the world has picked up considerable speed.  Television screens are 4-5 times as large as they were just 15 years ago, with on demand content available around the clock.  Mobile devices have begun burning a hole in our pockets.  Social media has leveraged other people’s power to dominate us (and vice versa).

So not only are we trying to deal with the fact that our minds have been inhabited by undo influences, AND that we face a struggle thousands of years old, but we are now bombarding ourselves with an endless stream of content. 

Our daily tasks have more than doubled, since now we need to stay current on email, Facebook, video games, and countless TV shows AS WELL AS putting forth the 50 hour workweeks, doing the chores, and every other item necessary to ‘make it’ in life.


On top of all that, thanks to the speed of information, things have been happening more and more rapidly than ever before.  News cycles happen in minutes now, instead of days.  The economy is global now, which means that everything needs to be done ‘yesterday’ in order to keep up with the other side of the planet.

The onslaught of stimuli combined with the speed of life puts us in a position similar to this:


The above image represents us being anchored down by outside expectations, projections, and hopes as Life continues to curl over us with waves.  Can your relate?

Given all of this, is it any wonder that more and more people are cracking under the pressure?

Is it any wonder that we feel as though our lives are not our own anymore?  And that’s the real truth, too.  All of the above combines to create a very real:

Identity Crisis

Remember our inner narrator?
It is the battleground where the struggle of I vs. Others’ Expectations takes place.

Every one of us has had to struggle with an overreaching external influence or two.  And as life has moved forward, we have all suffered setbacks, conflict, heartbreak, and pain.

The combination of other people’s expectations AND the experience of pain, conflict, and setback leads to that inner voice becoming tainted and turning against us.

We begin to accept other people’s beliefs and limits as our own.

As we give in to that inner voice and accept those limits and beliefs, we begin to compromise ourselves.  Those compromises add up over time, tying knots in our minds and robbing us of the lives that we truly deserve to be living.

Enough Bad News, amirite?  Time For The Good Stuff

The Key To Our Perfect Life Is In Solving Our Identity Crisis

[picture the following images as Before and After photos]

We can transform our lives.

We can change our brains.

We can take back control of our minds.

We can reach the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy and assert our own self-determinism.

The process is simple, but challenging.  In a nutshell, we are going to learn how to turn our attention inward, rooting out the sources of our limited self-belief and overcoming the blockages that hold us down.

Ironically, the process of sorting out our identity IS ACTUALLY the process of answering the question “Who Am I”
That process is also known to writers and storytellers as...

The Hero's Journey

As we move forward in this process, we find ourselves tapping into something much more powerful than we may have felt before.  I like to think of it as Awakening our Superpowers.

Are your familiar with Superman?  He was born super, but had to learn to disguise himself in order to ‘fit in’ and not draw too much attention to himself.  His Earth parents wanted him to be Clark Kent.  But beneath the facade, Clark Kent is always Superman.

We are all super beings, capable of mythic levels of mental, physical, and emotional strength.  But we’ve all lived for so long as Clark Kent that we forgot how to be super.

Welcome To The Program

I have struggled with all of the same things.  Only I began digging deeper and deeper beneath the surface in order to discover the root source of this misery I kept feeling.

And that led to the creation of A member's only website loaded with pure value training videos designed to help everyone to navigate his or her own Hero's Journey.

In order to help everyone possible, I have taken my many years of knowledge, experience, training, and teaching, and packaged them into a series of training videos designed to help everyone rekindle that inner flame and overthrow unwanted influences.

Before you sign up, though, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to find inner peace through self-realization?
  • Do you seek to identify and overcome false beliefs?
  • Do you want to develop superhuman levels of attention and concentration?
  • Do you desire to awaken your “Inner Genius” and become amazing at anything you choose?
  • Do you wish to be able to dominate your moods?
  • Do you want to gain influence over reality by gaining control over yourself?
  • Are you finally ready to answer the Hero’s question of ‘Who Am I?’

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this program is for you.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention one big thing.

Signing up and getting started is 100% FREE.

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Meet IC


IC represents the super heroic qualities of sorting out our identities, overcoming the various sticking points, and arriving at our True Identity.

The world is getting whacky.  It needs superheroes.  Are you going to stand up and be counted among them?

Hope IC you there (boo for the pun, but yay for seeing you there)


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TL;DR - You are awesome-sauce, but are struggling to break through to the next level due to lifetimes of pressure from the 'tribe'.  We now live in a time when the individual can truly shine.  However, in order to achieve full potential, we need to isolate and override the faulty programs from our past.  This requires some steps, so I made in order to provide the steps.  Just sign up and dig in.  🙂

PS - This is my mission in life.  I take it very seriously.  The detailed breakdown from above is so fundamental that it literally applies to everybody. Unfortunately, trying to reach everybody is not really feasible, unless YOU are willing to help. Whether this article sings to you personally or not, I am sure of one thing:

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